The project "Different countries, different cultures - A Europe 'is based on the concept of  culture. We use culture in a broad sense.  After the traditional meaning which includes  art, music, dance, theater and literature we want to include and share the culture of each day, such as family life, school life and culture. Beginning with the relationship in  families, recreation, meals, tasks, duties, rules, clothing. Continuing with the sports and activities  are during breaks or classes, rules, clothing, relationships with friends, teachers, workers, study, problems to tackle what they see and compare the different topics of the school.


The main idea  is to give strength to the 'European Unity' in the diversity of cultures using individual similarities and differences among people.


November 24, 2011

Cuéntales a todos sobre este ítem. De qué se trata y qué lo hace interesante. Dale a la gente la información que necesitan para que lleven adelante la acción que tú deseas.

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